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IT Maintenance

Flexible, Cost-Effective Maintenance & Support

Many end users face the challenge of maintaining and supporting legacy IT equipment. In addition, supporting multiple platforms is increasingly complex and expensive. AvGuard™ Maintenance from Avnet offers a flexible complement to OEM programs that can reduce IT maintenance spending by 40-60%. With our staff of technical and systems management experts, we simplify the process of maintaining and supporting a multi-vendor environment. Rising costs are eliminated on legacy equipment with fixed pricing for the life of the contract.

Our maintenance program includes a Lifetime Warranty for qualified end users, and an advanced warranty that allows us to replace defective parts regardless of where they were purchased. We also provide real-time spares management, making sure parts are readily available with our automated parts-replenishment program.

Avnet partners now have the ability to meet this critical need for their end users clients. And by leveraging these cost savings, an Avnet partner can free up customer budget for strategic IT initiatives.

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