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Refurbished devices ease the cost required for your company to quickly adapt to rapid technology advancements. EMC offers a variety of storage products with increased scalability, high-end performance capabilities, and an abundance of beneficial features. They have been a longstanding contributor to the storage equipment industry and remain in high demand due to a continued desire to supply the most efficient hardware. While it is imperative to be in the know about latest technology trends, you will be better off by fulfilling current and future requirements rather than by worrying about unnecessary new features. Buy what you truly need in discounted hardware to get the best price and a supportive infrastructure.

Refurbished Storage Solutions Provide Immense Savings on High Performance Hardware

Used EMC storage solutions allow you to handle growth appropriately by putting an up-to-date IT environment in place. This improved installation of hardware allows you to focus more on equipment productivity rather than what must be forgone to meet pricing objectives. Sacrificing on brand or quality can really takes its toll on your infrastructure and professional staff. If a storage server cannot do what is needed in regards to handling or sharing the processing capabilities, your staff will spend more time attempting to keep everything running smoothly for reduced down time. By purchasing efficient and affordable equipment upfront, you provide the tools needed by a qualified staff to continue productive operations. Having a supportive infrastructure in place also leads to better growth management as your company expands.

A cost effective integrated system can be obtained easily when refurbished storage hardware is considered. Buying new may cause you to sacrifice in other technology or business areas. Canvas Systems can provide tremendous savings on vital productivity and sharing components. These passed savings make it easier for you to accommodate infrastructure needs by taking advantage of fast technology depreciation. Refurbished models have typically been discontinued due to advancements or have been returned for small issues such as cosmetic flaws. You receive the same quality equipment, but at an amazing discount.

Our products have been thoroughly tested against manufacturer standards before being resold. We back every piece of hardware sold with a warranty and maintenance geared toward extending equipment life after manufacturer warranty periods. A 30 day warranty is typical among hardware resellers; however, we offer a lifetime guarantee with your purchase. We also offer an advanced warranty where you can obtain part replacement for components not bought from our company. Our technicians are certified in the latest technologies and consistently service the most demanded brands in the IT industry.

Quality refurbished EMC equipment is only a small fraction of the product line we carry and support. Call one of our professionals today to learn how our furnished products can supply the technology needed for top of the line IT dependability.


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